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Playmate Erika Jordan reflects on Hugh Hefner’s passing: its “an end to an era”

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Legendary. Trailblazer. Powerful.

A former Playmate used those three exact words to describe Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner, who passed away Wednesday, September 27, at the age of 91. A passing that symbolizes an “end to an era.”

“A friend texted me and I knew he had been sick for many years so I wasn’t surprised but it felt like the end of an era,” Erika Jordan said in an email interview. “Playboy was my second home for many years and it will never be the same.”

Jordan is a former Playmate and host of Playboy TV. She was once named one of Playboy’s Sexy 100 in 2007 and listed in Playboy’s Red Hot Vixens in 2008. Via email she reflected on Hefner’s legacy and shared her most fond memories of him. Still to this day, she remembers the night of her first encounter with Hefner.

“I was hosting a party at the Playboy mansion. I spent 5 hours being painted and covered in sparkly gems and I ran into Hugh and his entourage towards the middle of the night. He always liked to make an entrance,” Jordan wrote.

Often times Jordan was hired as one of the “party starters” at the Playboy mansion, she says.

“I would just jump in the pool and ‘who-hoo’ and many of the girls would just jump in to join the fun…party started,” Jordan wrote.

Many of the Playmates were found of Hefner because they believed he would help launch their careers, Jordan explained. Personally for Jordan she was able to relish in the opportunities of his brand as the host of Playboy TV.

“I spent most of my years wit his daughter when she owned Playboy TV. I was able to travel the world for signings and host various epic shows that were an absolute blast to be a part of! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I did in the days of Canoga Park,” she wrote.

Hefner was a mysterious man but people will get to know more about him more than ever, according to Jordan.

“I have a feeling that now that he’s gone we’re going to see a variety of tell alls.. the man behind the curtain had many secrets..” Jordan wrote.

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV.


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