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Cindy Margolis scared Justin Beiber to death, Margolis shares how

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Cindy Margolis fell to the floor after meeting Justin Beiber but it wasn’t because she was a “Belieber” like her twin daughters.

During the MTV Awards about 3-4 years ago Margolis recalls her daughters asking if she could somehow get an autographed picture of Beiber. At the show, in which Margolis attended, Beiber had performed and later someone came up to Margolis saying Beiber wanted to meet her backstage in his dressing room and only her.

The two had met and Beiber excitedly took a photo with her. The photo was printed right then and there.

“You got to sign this for me,” Margolis recalls Beiber telling her.

The fact Beiber was asking her for the autographed photo shocked Margolis as the whole exchange came to her as a surprise but little did she know there was one more surprise in store for her.

“He said it was his grandpa’s birthday tomorrow and ‘he loves you,’” Margolis recalled Beiber telling her. “And that was like a dagger to my stomach.”

Acting out her emotions she fell to the ground.

“Beiber thought it was real,” Margolis laughed. “Justin Beiber got so scared. [He was] in horror.”

Margolis is a supermodel who helped shaped what the internet has become today and holds a retired Guinness Book of World Records for “The Most Downloaded Woman in History.” This actress is also a celebrity spokesperson and the President and CEO of theSeen.

Stay tuned for a feature story Cindy Margolis.


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