Possible Houston four-Melo, CP3, Harden, D’Antoni- “won’t work”, Shannon Sharpe says

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Carmelo Anthony reuniting with Mike D’Antoni is like a divorced couple trying to get back together one analysts says.

FOX’s Undisputed panelists Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discussed trade talks for Anthony. While Houston was pursuing Anthony up until New York Knicks put a freeze on trading Anthony, Sharpe said the dynamic of having Anthony, Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston together wouldn’t work.

“Skip, it’s just hard for me to believe that three ball dominated players can be successful on the same team,” Sharpe said on Undisputed. “I love ice cream, I love cake, I love gravy, I just don’t want all three of them together.”

Ego would come into play, despite Harden coming off an MVP finalist season, Anthony has made it further in the playoffs than Paul and as a 12-time All-Star he would see himself better than Harden, Sharpe says. The imbalanced leadership for three ball dominated players worries Sharpe.

Beyond three players having to gel together, Anthony and head coach Mike D’Antoni would have to reunite. When the two were in New York together from 2011-12, D’Antoni decided to resign from the Knicks when it was either him or Anthony, according to Sporting News.

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“I’ve got a motto. When the posse’s chasing you out of town, you just act like you’re the head of a parade,” Sports News quoted D’Antoni’s thoughts on clashing with Anthony.

Could they reconcile after Anthony saw D’Antoni win the NBA’s Coach of the Year award?

“It’s like being married to a person. You get a divorce and you like ‘oh yeah, we better friends.’ You get married again and then half way through it Skip, you realize there was a reason why we divorced,” Sharpe said. “And that’s what’s going to happen to Carmelo.”

If these concerns can’t be worked between the four, Portland Trailblazers may rise higher on Anthony’s list if New York Knicks resume trade talks.

By Gino Terrell


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