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Ryan twins tag team in Nashville bar fight

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Twin brothers and former NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan tag team in Nashville bar fight, TMZ reports.

Down in Nashville the Ryan brothers shared a table with two men, talking until eventually the Ryan brothers were set off. Matt Havel and an unidentified man were the ones at the table taking the punishment from the Ryan’s. Havel is said to accuse both brothers of simple assault via police report, according to TMZ.

Rex is a former head coach for the New York Jets (2009-14), who took the to the AFC Championship game back-to-back years in 2009-10, and Buffalo Bills for two years before being fired after last season. He’s currently signed on a contract to be a football analysts for ESPN.

Rob is a former longtime NFL defensive coordinator who last coached alongside his brother last season in Buffalo, before getting fired before the final game in 2016.

Rex and Rob are the sons of the famous Buddy Ryan, the creator of the 46 defense that led the ’85 Bears to win Super Bowl XX.

By Gino Terrell

Read about Rex Ryan’s new NFL gig this upcoming 2017 season. Plus, read about the time Darrelle Revis, Rex’s former best player, got into an altercation with two men in Pittsburgh.


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