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Lil JJ and Saints Mark Ingram game for Black Ops 3 Zombie Pack

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With the release of Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles DLC on PlayStation 4 two buddies look to hit the sticks soon.

New Orleans Saints super fan Jarrius “Lil JJ” Robertson and Saints athlete Mark Ingram II, former Alabama Heisman winner, are talking a play date online. After Ingram announced that he was looking  for some gaming buddies, Lil JJ said perhaps he’d take Ingram on. Ingram said he’s game as it will be on like Donkey Kong more than likely this weekend.

“That’s my big bro,” Lil JJ tweeted to a guy who admired the brotherhood between Lil JJ and Ingram.

Ingram has always been a class act and its good to remember these athletes are big kids at heart like Lil JJ. Their passionate about football and looking to game with their close friends online.

Read about how Lil JJ’s prayers were answered when he received a rare transplant.


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