Max Kellerman goes in on Stephen A.’s hairline, plus LeBron and Tiger

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Stephen A. Smith‘s hairline has gone way back that it takes you back to the days Bill Russell won his first championship but all jokes aside apparently someone has him beat when in comes to receding.

ESPN’s First Take panelists Smith and Max Kellerman talked about professional golfer Tiger Woods on a segment March 20. While talking about Woods, Kellerman pointed out that Woods is getting old and getting old to the point where his receding hairline is even beating out NBA All-Star LeBron James and Smith.

“Tiger Woods is old. You know how he’s old? Look at him, he looks old,” Kellerman said. “That hairline is receding so fast I heard Stephen A. Smith, you, and LeBron James are like ‘damn, that’s a receding hairline.’

“He’s [Woods] the champ right now. That hair is on the wrong side of his head. He’s old. He’s an old guy.”

Yes, Kellerman went there and actually found one person with a hairline comparable to Smith and James.

By Gino Terrell


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