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Pregnant Mia Burks is Carmelo Anthony’s mistress, causing La La Anthony separation

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It’s been confirmed Carmelo Anthony has been messing around with Mia Burks, who’s now pregnant.

Its been on the front pages of NY Post, TMZ has been reporting it and others have been gossiping. The latest was that NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony and his longtime wife La La Anthony, who have a 10-year-old son Kiyan together, have separated. Unconfirmed rumors sparked by TMZ shared that Carmelo knocked up a stripper, while Page Six denied he got another woman pregnant they stated Carmelo was cheating on La La on the road telling teammates “La La’s married, I’m not.” Despite conflicting stories, a friend of Mia Burks said on airwaves Burks is the mistress, who is pregnant but she’s not a stripper.

“No she’s not a stripper, she’s actually very educated,” the source told 107.5 WCCI. “She is one of those girls. The girls we call up when the big players are in town…she has been around.”

It has not been confirmed if the baby is Carmelo’s.

In the past Carmelo and La La have separated but come back together. For one of the most iconic couples in the nation, for their sake, hopefully they can overcome this.


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