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The Breaks cast Afton Williams, Mack Wilds tell Wendy their top 5

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Stars of VH1’s The Breaks tell Wendy Williams their fave 5.

Co-stars Afton Williamson and Mack Wilds (The Wire & 90210) shared their fave 5 plus their top 5 music artists. The two star together VH1’s new breaking hit show The Breaks, the show that showcases the 90’s hip-hop culture.

On the Wendy Williams show Wilds told Wendy his top five artists include: Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Tupac and Lauren Hill. For Williamson, her top five hip-hop artists include: A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Biggie, Lauren Hill and Tupac.

“I feel like they are the founders [of hip-hop],” Williamson said.

In a separate segment the two went over their fave five.

Favorite show to binge watch?

Wilds: “The show I was most excited to watch, besides The Breaks, was Stranger Things.”

Williamson: “I just got addicted to Shamless and I shamlessly watch every single season and now I’m cringing because I’m waiting for the next one.”

Favorite person to celebrate with?

Wilds: “My boy Julian. There’s not many people in my circle that can drink like him and have a good time. And he, my friend, is one, so that’s probably one of my favorite people to celebrate with.”

Williamson: “My best friend Kenyan. He’s a flight attendant for Delta, so we rarely get to see each other because of our schedules but he’s my favorite partner. You always need a designated dance partner.”

Favorite meal to cook for that special someone?

Wilds: “I grew up on Staten Island which kind of quintessentially has, like, Italian roots. No matter if your black, like whatever. I love  pasta and all of that stuff so I’d probably whip up for someone.”

Williamson: “I love, I make a really great baked chicken. It’s healthy but it’s still good. It’s savory.”

Favorite song from the 90’s?

Wilds: “There’s way too many. For me, I’d say my favorite song to listen to, especially when I’m out, from the 90’s, because no matter where you go, no matter what it is it always gets the party poppin. ‘This is How We Do It,’ Montell Jordan.”

Williamson: “’Poison’ [Bell Biv DeVoe], because in the pilot [The Breaks, TV movie] it’s the only song I could not dance to. Everybody else is dancin’ to ‘Poison’ and you have to walk straight through, that’s like torture.”

Favorite drink to order at the bar?

Wilds: “Hennessey. A double shot of Hennessey on the rocks, it gets me right everytime.”

Williamson: “Everybody knows I love my husband Don Julio Blanco and I take him neat, double shot, two limes.”

 Catch The Breaks 10pm ET Monday’s on VH1.

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