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Muggsy Bogues: I have a dream to coach in the NBA

Muggsy Bogues talks about his aspiration to coach in the NBA.

Bogues, former NBA all-star (1987-2001), joined Kevin Garnett’s Area 21 during the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. The five-foot-three-inch former point guard Bogues reminisced with Garnett about his playing days, most notably playing with the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors. The former play caller also expressed interest in coaching in the NBA.

Playing at Wake Forest in college, where he set ACC records for steals and assists, he was already familiar with Charlotte before he joined forces with the expansion in the NBA. There, he played with his Space Jam (1996) castmate Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning. The team even led the NBA in attendance for four seasons.

“It was a beautiful time back then,” Bogues said.

Building a successful 14-year career in the NBA, Bogues paid homage to the late Moses Malone. The two were teammates Bogues rookie season with the Washington Bullets.

“He was my mentor, he was the one that kind of taught me what the NBA was all about,” Bogues said. “I really appreciate him. Much love, may he rest in peace.”

Wrapping up his career with the Raptors, Bogues played with both the current 19-year NBA veteran Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, who is now a finalist for the NBA Hall of Fame. Setting up plays for those two youngsters was a highlight for Bogues, he said.

Garnett asked if Bogues has aspirations to coach, since the former point guard called so many plays in between the out of bound lines over the course of his career.

“I coached women’s [basketball in] WNBA, I coached some high school, but I have a dream of one day coaching on the big stage in the NBA,” Bogues said. “The game…always needs to be taught the right way. Information is key, and I think I have a lot of information I can give to these young guys.”

With today’s point guards Bogues says it’s a loaded position. One of the guys he’s mentored was Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas once he came into the league.

“You’d be a great consultant. Teaching some of these point guards views and what you see on the court,” Garnett told Bogues. “I love it when ‘O.G.’s go back and give something to these younger guys.”

Bogues served as a head coach for the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting from 2005-07. In 2011, he was promoted to head coach for boy’s high school basketball at United Faith Christian Academy before stepping down in 2014. Since 2014, Bogues has been an ambassador for the Charlotte Hornets.

By Gino Terrell


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