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Chance the Rapper checks Donald Trump

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After racking up three Grammy awards this past week, Chance the Rapper calls out President Donald Trump.

Hip-Hop artist Chance the Rapper won three awards for his album “Coloring Book” Sunday at the Grammy Awards. The Chicago born rapper was accompanied by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler in an interview with The Undefeated. One of the topics they discussed was how factors that cause violence in Chicago, such as unemployment, housing and education is often overlooked.

President Trump announced last month on Twitter that he wanted to send federal agents to address issues of violence in Chicago.

“It sounded like he was announcing he wanted to go to war with Chicago,” Chance the Rapper said.

Chance the Rapper performing at MPR The Current’s Rock the Garden event at the Boom Island in Minneapolis summer 2016 (photo: Gino Terrell).

Hoping President Trump wants the best for Chicago, Chance the Rapper wants to him use the fed’s to support Chicago and help with the teachers strike and union issues.

“I don’t like to think that he, you know, said what he meant or meant what he said,” he said.

Having empathy is key for President Trump, if he wants to work with Chicago, says Butler.

“Instead of coming here and trying to do it your way, why don’t you help? You go down and you live the life they have to live,” Butler said. “You step in their shoes for a little bit and you’ll see that it’s much harder than you say it is.”

Common, who starred in Barbershop 3 a movie that hinted at the city’s uptick in crime, rejected President Trump’s desire to send federal agents to his hometown city. With community organizations working towards this, Common wants to work with them.

“To help Chicago we got to take care of our own,” Common told TMZ last month. “We need our state local people to do things…I’m not thinking about the president…we gone work with the grassroots, the state and the local and that’s how we gone do it.”

By Gino Terrell



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