Fist Fight (preview)

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“Afterschool, in the parking lot!” today’s the day Ice Cube’s Fist Fight premieres in theaters and movie-goes can see the much anticipated bout of the year.

Fist Fight is about a teacher name Strickland (Ice Cube) who gets fired and picks a fight with the tattle-telling teacher who got him fired, Andy Campbell (Charlie Day). Strickland “wants everybody to see” the after school fight.

Directed by Rickie Keen (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) the comedy is about Strickland showing why “snitches get stiches” and Campbell tries his best to avoid the inevitable after school bully beat down. Strickland was fired because of his aggressive tactics towards the students who didn’t listen to him and consequently he put an ax through a desk, which Campbell reported to the school’s higher ups.

The ensemble cast includes comedian Tracy Morgan (Cop Out & 30 Rock), Christina Hendricks (Bad Santa 2 & Kevin Hill), Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street), Kym Whitley (Next Friday & Rango) and Dennis Haysbert (24 and Heat).

The Friday (1995) actor who’s getting a star on Hollywood talked about his latest movie on ABC’s The View.

“It’s a whole day of him (Campbell) trying to get out of a fight,” Ice Cube said. “It was an eight day fight. I was like ‘are we shooting the Rocky movie or Fist Fight.’”

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Ice Cube shared that he got into a fist fight after school with his best friend at the time over a girl when he was a student.

In love with the cast was Morgan whose role in this film is the first since his tragic car incident that had him in a coma and fatally injured his longtime friend.

“When I got there my cast gave me a lot of love and support and they said ‘it’s time to go to work and you got it,’” Morgan said on Jimmy Kimmel.

In the film he plays one of his former football coaches, “Ben Wright.” An outspoken coach he enjoyed playing with and has found memories of during his playing days in high school.

The movie is more than just a fight and will be a contrast between an old school disciplinary teacher and a student-friendly teacher. It touches on the challenges teachers have today when it comes to how they deal with attitudes from this generation of students, in today’s society where disciplinary teacher’s are socially constructed as “crazy” teachers. With both characters being on the opposite ends of the spectrum, personality and technique wise, it is a must that Campbell has to avoid Strickland at all cost.

Opening February 17, Fist Fight is now playing in theaters.

By Gino Terrell



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