John Wick: Chapter 2 (preview)

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By Gino Terrell

Keanu Reeves has been busy promoting John Wick: Chapter 2, which is now in theaters.

Reprising the role in a sequel to John Wick (2014), Reeves stars in the fast-paced action thriller. In the original, retired hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to avenge a theft and the death of his puppy, which was the last thing his wife gave him before she past. In the second installment Wick journeys to Rome to takeout some of the world’s deadliest assassins. Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix and Deep Cover) and Common (Barbershop 3 and Just Wright) join the cast.

Appearing on light night shows, the BUILD Series and daytime television on Live with Kelly! and The Chew, Reeves shared his insight on the movie.

On the BUILD Series, Reeves praised Common for his performance in the movie. An actor he’s work with before in Street Kings (2008).

“He wanted to commit to John Wick training to do John Wick action, which is no joke,” Reeves said. “He’s a remarkable artist…he gave such a wonderful performance: his presence, his regality, his humor and still down to earth.”

On Live with Kelly! the Hawaiian actor who’s name means “cool breeze of the mountains” talked about how he convinced Fishburne to join the cast of John Wick. The two have appeared in The Matrix trilogy together and kept in contact ever since.

“He and I forged a friendship after The Matrix trilogy and going through that extraordinary experience [together] a couple times a year we get together and just catch up on life,” Reeves said. “One of those times I was like ‘did you see John Wick’ and he was like ‘oh, yes,’…’did you like it?’ and he was like ‘oh, yes, Kiki.’”

Reeves convinced Fishburne to join the cast and after sending him the script he accepted.

Sporting the John Wick armor on ABC’s The Chew, he explained what helps his character take care of business.

“You look right, you fight right,” he said.

John Wick: Chapter 2 hit theaters February 10, now playing.


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