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Pompa Tour “contradicts” Paola Saulino’s message, says Valerie Baber

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Sexpert says Paola Saulino‘s Pompa Tour may contradict her overall message.

Following her promise to give oral sex to every man who voted “no” to her country’s referendum, Saulino started a tour to follow through. A tour Saulino labels as a movement for for girl power, freedom and open sexuality.  Valerie Baber, sexuality writer and dating coach, sent a statement to MCXV regarding Saulino’s tour. A tour Baber sees as contradicting Saulino as an activist.

“Paola appears to be passionate about sexual liberty and politics in equal measure, but her desire to exploit her sexuality is a bit more clear to me than her stance on the Italian referendum.
I did some research and couldn’t help but notice she’s new to Hollywood, has only two (future) credits to her name and is actively seeking representation. It seems to me that she knows the one thing that gets attention more than anything else on this planet and she is quite adroit in her unabashed use of this thing (in combination with favorable political timing) to earn herself the buzz she needs in order to afford her life abroad as an aspiring actress. 
As a fellow international traveler and (former) expat, I know that her visa limits the way she’s able to earn an income in the states. She’s clearly not married, and unless she’s very wealthy, owns property in the US or is an international business woman, her ability to live in LA is financially difficult and on borrowed time. She needs to get eyes on herself quickly, and what better way to do that than get naked and talk about sex on the internet? She carved out a sexual niche of blowjobs, and blowjobs are better than no jobs, so she’s head and…shaft…above most other actresses.  
My biggest concern might be the blatant sexual inequality Paola exhibits in her Pompatour. Considering that she is such a motivated and passionate political activist, I am frankly quite shocked at her alarming disregard of the female voters who contributed to the results of the referendum. Yes, the ‘no’ vote was a conservative move, but her admitted interest in using sex to promote her cause is far from conservative. I can’t help but question where she stands on feminist issues and gender equality. The fact that Paola is only servicing men who voted against a change against political reform and not bothering to even say “thank you” to the women in Italy seems to contradict the very thing she represents – a liberated and sexually progressive activist for a stronger future.”
        -Valerie Baber’s statement to MCXV.

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